SoHo Residence

28 January 2022

SoHo Residence is aa exclusive residential project with 42 flats in Prochowa and Chodkiewicza Street in Cracow.

The building inspired by refined architecture of the New York SoHo district, combines classical elegance of the Main Market Square tenements, modern style of metropolitan residential buildings and artistic airiness of loft-apartments. A great variety of development styles will be consistently joined by meticulously designed shared spaces – a representative lobby, elegant hallways and a green courtyard.

The location of the project in the vicinity of Bulwary Wiślane residential complex, abundance of recreation grounds and historical districts such as Kazimierz or Podgórze, provides a broad spectrum of rest and entertainment possibilities as well as very quiet and calm vicinity.

On the other hand, owing to good road communication and public transport, the project offers excellent access to the entire municipal infrastructure: offices, universities and other higher education institutions, governmental agencies and shopping malls. 

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