Art Deco Marymont

24 October 2022

Art Deco Marymont is a third Terra Casa project in the Art Deco style realized in Warsaw. This medium-sized building with 34 apartments and 42 parking spaces in the underground garage is under construction in Podleśna street in the immediate vicinity of Las Bielański nature reserve. Quiet surroundings of a prestigious district of Marymont have abundance of green areas and uncrowded housing development. Owing to a short distance to important transportation hubs, the city centre, as well as the main outlet routes of Warsaw, are easily accessible from here.

A distinguishing feature of the building is classical Art Deco elegance, which is also reflected in the interiors of the common space. The lobby, hallways and stairwells completed with care for every detail will constitute a flagship of the project.

The residents’ amenities include, among others, a small gym, a handsfree system allowing to move in the common space without a key, special postboxes for remote pick up of courier deliveries and a bike service station.

Art Deco Marymont will be an energy-efficient building. The essential electricity for the use of the common space will be produced by the own photovoltaic system and the lighting will be provided exclusively with the use of efficient LED sources. The system of regaining rainwater for the purposes of watering plants on the areas belonging to the building is also worth mentioning.

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